Monday, March 27, 2006


The next person to visit Sport Boy goes to Melbourne will be the 1000th visitor, pretty cool for a web page set up with the idea of telling our story of the Games.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Somewhere in Melbourne

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Melbourne landmarks

Outside the MCG, the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Rod Laver Arena and Vodaphone Arena Posted by Picasa

Interesting things to find in Melbourne

More of my growing collection of photos of public art, in and around Melbourne Posted by Picasa


Chris Helm, the chaplain at Box Forest, my main contact and liaison person throughout all of the planning and preparation for the trip. He did a great job arranging all the details , getting resources organised for us including beds, food, keys, computer, transport and more. I am much indebted to him for his support and assistance, the trip would not have been possible without his help and the hospitality of the school. Posted by Picasa

Uncle Trevor

On the first night, Sport Boy and Jordan stayed with their uncle Trevor and Auntie Anne, and had a good time with their cousin Josh. Posted by Picasa

Elaine about to be nabbed

while waiting for the Queen to arrive so we could cross the road and get to our first event, the table tennis. The first thing a policeman needs is a sense of humour, this one did. Posted by Picasa

The Urban Dream

4 characters who have been living in Myer's front window for the duration of the Games. They have a kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom including glass shower with just enough of the door blocked out to protect their modesty. They interact with the watching crowd, communicating via handheld whiteboards and are very entertaining. Posted by Picasa

The Royal Arcade off Little Collins St

which is where I got the engraved plaque for the Jetty photo we gave to Box Forest. It is famous for being the home of Gog and Magog, the bell ringers. Gog and Magog are characters from the Bible whose lineage can be traced to modern day Russia. Posted by Picasa

Scenes from South Bank

and Burke and Wills statue , corner of Swanston and Collins Streets Posted by Picasa

Elaine and the year 12's enjoying the athletics on Tuesday night.

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This very helpful volunteer helped me to get Craig Nottram's autograph after the 5000m once he'd finished his post-race interview with Karl Langdon. Posted by Picasa

Not everything worked smoothly at the Games

One of the escalators in the MCG Members section malfunctioned.  Posted by Picasa

Mucking around in the members lift at the MCG

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Coming home late Tuesday night after the athletics

Ella fell over for no apparent reason, then fell about laughing. Was this when Shari hurt her ankle? Posted by Picasa

Flinders St Station from Federation Square

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The Commonwealth Games Trip Crew

Erin, ?, Ella, Cassie, Marcus, Rachel, Ella, Georgia, Alissa, Hayley, Caitlin, Elaine, Shari, Sport Boy and Jordan. Posted by Picasa

Trolley Girl

The day Shari hurt her ankle a shopping trolley came in very handy. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Horrible luck

How bad was the 1500m? Can't believe Craig Mottram's bad luck!  Posted by Picasa

A selection of tiles decorated by children adorning the walls inside the MCG

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Two Melbourne icons, The Yarra River and the MCG

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The Melbourne Cricket Ground, Spiritual home of Australian sport, affectionately known as "The G", venue for the Boxing Day Test match, the 1956 Olympics, and home of the biggest event on the Australian sporting calendar-the AFL Grand Final, for two more days, the centrepiece of the 18th Commonwealth Games. The last notes of the closing ceremony will have barely subsided before work will begin to dismantle the running track and transform the G once again in readiness for the footy season. The first AFL game it will host this season will be the ANZAC Day game between essendon and Collingwood on April 25. There aren't many better places to be than the MCG with a big crowd roaring their support for their teams and their heroes. Monday night, with 79,000 people there was a very special experience and the roar that accompanied the 5000m and Craig Mottram's silver medal winning performance was spine tingling. The only other thing I can compare it with was Stadium Australia the night Cathy Freeman won gold in the 400m.
Leo Barry's premiership winning mark in the dying seconds of the 2005 Grand Final was another incredible moment but the difference was only half the crowd were elated, the other hather were deflated by the same act, whereas at the Games, the whole crowd rose and roared as one. I love big sporting events and have been lucky enough to attend several over the years and the Commonwealth Games ranks right up there as one of the best things I've seen and been to. Melbourne is abuzz, the city is on a high, there is a special atmosphere permeating the whole city. It will be quiite a let down when it finishes. It's just as well the footy season is about to start so all the sports mad Melbournians will have something to turn their attention to after the Games have finished.
All the kids were sad to leave and talked about wanting to stay, or come back to Melbourne again. It is a great place, with a "live" feeling that other Australian cities just don't have. Perth, for all it's beauty is quiet by comparison, and Busselton is positively funereal!
Don't get me wrong, I love living in Busselton, but it was nice to be where the action is for the last couple of weeks.
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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Many Faces of Sport Boy Part 4

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The Many Faces of Sport Boy Part 3

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The Many More Faces of Sport Boy Part 2

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The many faces of Sport Boy Pt 1

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